Direct Equity Investments

SteeleHarbour makes equity investments in real estate assets directly as Sole GP or through Co-GP partnerships, with a focus on value-add, development and opportunistic strategies. An important part of our strategy is to pursue repeat investment opportunities to scale partnerships with experienced operators and developers in our target markets.

Structured Investments

SteeleHarbour invests in preferred equity and mezzanine debt structures in real estate assets where the ability to move quickly and structure creatively provides a competitive advantage to the borrower or partner. We generally target investments in structures that provide current cash flow, capital structure seniority and the potential for equity participation.

Target Sectors

SteeleHarbour’s primary focus is on the multifamily and office sectors, but we also invest in other sectors opportunistically. Within the multifamily sector we have a two-pronged approach: investing in (i) build-to-core development with a long-term ownership objective; and (ii) heavy value-add/opportunistic investments with a focus on workforce housing projects that are expected to have a significant community impact. Our office strategy focuses on select value-add/repositioning opportunities and on taking a creative approach to adaptive reuse.

Focus Sectors

  • Build-to-Core (Long-Term Hold)
  • Value-Add Acquisitions
  • Workforce Housing Acquisitions
  • Select Value-Add Acquisitions
  • Opportunistic Acquisitions
  • Adaptive Reuse

Opportunistic Sectors

  • Select Value-Add Industrial Acquisitions
  • Light Industrial Acquisitions
  • Mixed-Use Acquisitions
  • Select Retail Acquisitions/Adaptive Reuse
  • Other Niche Sectors

Target Markets

SteeleHarbour invests primarily in high growth markets throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States, with a focus on locations that benefit from strong growth trends, favorable population and employment dynamics, affordability and quality of life which drive attractive near and long-term real estate fundamentals.